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The most important way you can market your business to get more customers

Everyday people search online for products and services similar to yours. And if you like what they see they take the next step contact you or maybe even buy online. But many times they don’t take the next step, make the phone call, possibly because of something they read online that made them change their mind. They just move on to one of your competitors and take their business to them instead.

Just imagine for a minute and put yourself in your potential customer’s or client’s shoes and answer the following questions:

True Or False – Does reading bad reviews leave negative impressions on potential customers?

Would you buy a product or service that has bad ratings or reviews?

I’m  sure I know your answer to the above questions.

That’s why here at QLMBusinessreviews.com we say that Reputation Marketing is the most important way you can market your business.

The 4 Types of Reputation

Which one of these describes your company?

Your business currently has either one of the following types of reputation status:

  • Bad Reputation
  • No Reputation
  • Good Reputation
  • 5 Star Reputation

The Bad Reputation needs no explanation; however, what most businesses don’t realise is that having No Reputation is almost as bad as having a Bad Reputation. A Good Reputation is fine but having a 5 Star Reputation is really the difference between businesses that flourish and those businesses that are just getting by.

Do you want your business to flourish or just get by?

Your Reputation is Everything,

 A lot in online marketing has changed, and your competition doesn’t even know about it yet.

  • Change #1 if you type into Google any Company Name + City it reveals the Company’s reputation score.
  • Change #2 Consumer Reviews are now a MAJOR factor in almost every type of online marketing results. i.e. Reviews show up in:

-         Google Maps

-         Pay Per Click Advertising

-         Website Rankings Results

-         Local Directories

  • Change #3 SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click etc Does not work as well anymore if you have bad reviews or no reviews online
  • Change #4 5 Star Reviews get you pre-qualified pre-sold customers. BECAUSE 72% OF BUYERS TRUST REVIEWS AS MUCH AS MUCH PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS.

Why Having A 5 Star Reputation Is Vital To Your Business

Consumers typically look up an average of 6-10 reviews before making a buying decision. In fact 70% of consumers trust a business with a minimum of 6-10 reviews.


If the reputation of your business is important to you and you want to build a
5-star reputation that will convert leads, drives sales, and grow your business, then consider the following:

Here are some factors that affect online reputation:

  •  95% of internet users do not search past the 1st page of search engine results
  • 91% of the population research a product/service on the internet before purchasing
  • 55% of internet users look at other people’s reviews
  • 72% of those that research will not buy if there’s a negative comment.
  • 82% of internet users trust customer reviews over expert reviews
  • 50% of All internet users over the age of 18 have left a review online.
  • 78% of internet users believe reviews are the most credible form of advertising
  • 67% of customers will and are actually willing to pay more for companies who have excellent reviews

Your Reputation Is Everything!

 Reputation Marketing Is The Most Important Marketing

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